Choosing where to stay is very important when you go to abroad. Our experienced accommodation team works in partnership with external accommodation agencies in order to find the most suitable option for your needs and budget and We have a wide range of accommodation options so please take the time to read through all of them to see what you would like best. Our accommodation team are happy to give advice and help with any questions or queries you may have.

Important notes:

  • All accommodation is booked Sunday to Sunday. 
  • Non-standard arrival/departure days are subject to accommodation type and availability and will incur additional night fees.
  • Accommodation booking cancellation requires 2-4 weeks notice from students. 


Host famiy

Most popular accommodation option is homestay allows you to integrate into family life and practise your English language outside the classroom, over dinner and throughout the weekend with your welcoming hosts. This is a unique way to live and study at your chosen destination.

As Eurovision Education, we do all we can to ensure we match you with your perfect homestay. If you wish to truly experience British culture by staying at one of our homestays.