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Learn English in Malta with people your own age. EC Malta 30+ is our Malta English language school, exclusively for adult students aged 30 and over. Students from all over the world choose to study English with us, so on your course, you can make friends with people from everywhere, this makes taking an English course a truly cultural experience that will really open up your world view.

The lessons on our 30+ programmes are designed to meet the needs of more mature learners who are learning with a focus on improving their quality of life, both professionally and personally. That’s why we will push you to expand your horizons, find your drive and find your voice.

The Maltese are known for their friendly personalities and love of life. Here you will find countless historic towns, relaxed beaches, great nightlife and amazing cuisine to explore and enjoy, all on one small island. Immerse yourself in all the history, culture and beauty of Malta.


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